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Thursday, Jun 17, 2021
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Harmony College EAST
& Youth Harmony Camp

Immerse Yourself in a Weekend of MAD Barbershop!

Registration Cut-off Date: 6/18/2021

Harmony College East 2021 is upon us, and here are the first two reasons to attend that you will not be able to resist:
  • IT'S FREE!

We have wonderful instructors lined up to teach many new and timely classes, all from the comfort of your home!! HCE 2021 will be held during Father's Day weekend, on Friday, June 18 and Saturday, June 19, 2021.

And in case the first two reasons to register weren't enough, here are some MORE reasons you shouldn't miss HCE this year:
  • Kickoff the weekend with a Thursday night Keynote Address by none other than Mo Field, director of Great Northern Union Chorus in Minneapolis and an esteemed barbershopper and coach!
  • Register for an optional private 25-minute vocal instruction session (PVI) available from our talented faculty
  • Enjoy virtual quartet coaching and/or assessments available from our coaches
  • Take advantage of some HIVE (Harmony Inc. Virtual Education) classes, courtesy of Harmony, Inc.
  • Participate in the HCE Virtual Chorus, directed by Larry Bomback
  • Watch our traditional Saturday Night Show (and potentially a Friday Night Show as well)
  • HCE Youth Camp
  • Barbershop instruction tailored for Music Educators
  • And MORE!

$$$ - You can NOW donate money directly to the Mid-Atlantic District - $$$
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Thank You for donating to the Mid-Atlantic District!!

FREE Feedback from Judges!!

Chapter Leaders,

We're reaching out to chapters that haven't competed in the past 5 years with an exciting new collaboration between Harmony Hall and members of our Contest and Judging Community.

While our chapters are still socially distanced and working via virtual rehearsals, we will provide a BHS judge to work with your group and provide content for your virtual meeting. Judges will watch and evaluate a video recording of your chorus in advance and then do a "coaching under glass" based on that performance with your members in an online call. This does NOT need to be from a contest stage or even "contestable" music selections. If a recording is unavailable, we can use one of another chorus of similar size/age/quality.

This is a program that will eventually be rolled out as an option for all 671 of our chapters, but we're giving you the early opportunity ahead of the rest of the choruses that have competed recently and therefore have already received coaching from judges.

We have a team of volunteers ready to help if technology is an issue as we want to ensure that there are no obstacles or barriers to being able to make use of this program.

If this is something your chorus would be interested in, please fill out this form out as soon as you can - first come first serve!

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

See this video from Ig Jakovac

Contest Photos are here.
Purchase your contest video here.
Download your contest videos here.
Contest Scores Archive!!!

Chapter Barbershoppers of the Year

Please be sure to check out our new Honorees, the Chapter Barbershoppers of the Year.
While you're browsing that list, also check the other Honorees, including Hall of Honor, District Barbershopper of the Year, Area Advocate of the Year, District Bulletin Editor of the Year, International Bulletin Editor of the Year, District Public Relations Officer of the Year, and International Public Relations Officer of the Year.

Chapter Presidents, if your Chapter BOTY is not in this list, YOU can add them!

Youth In Harmony Outreach Guidelines

Many of our chapters, quartets and choruses are eager to engage music educators to get involved in a barbershop outreach program at their local schools. This is a good thing! That said, it's critical to the success of our outreach efforts that we always leave the music educator with the best possible impression of the barbershop art form and how it can enhance/augment the teacher's music education program.

Download the Youth in Harmony Outreach Guildlines

The MAD Marketing Team has created a Marketing Toolbox for Chapters & Quartets to use to promote your group.

MAD Chorus Plateau Definitions

Chorus plateau categories are based on the average percentile results
from the two previous contests in which the chorus was entered.

AAAA70% and above
AAA60 - 69.9%
AA55 - 59.9%
A54.9% and below.

First-time competitors will not be eligible for plateau awards,
but their initial contest score can be used to place them in their next contest.
A chorus that has not competed in any contest for more than four years
will reenter the contest cycle as a Plateau A chorus.

Supercharging Your Chapter!
This program defines and capitalizes on the only two effective ways that people join barbershop
and then provides the tools to make it easy and approachable for ANY chapter to grow
and ANY member to earn get a Man of Note award, which may be the ultimate award.

Watch this video and then visit the Operation Harold Hill website.

ORIOLE FOUR Tribute Video from BHS:

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