2016 District Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Friday, Feb 15, 2019
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Quartet & Chorus
Competition Entry Form

All Quartets and Choruses must now enter competitions ON-LINE
with the Official Society Contest Entry Form "BarberScore"

Competitor entries are handled through the Barberscore contest entry process (www.barberscore.com).

Instructions for registering the quartet in Barberscore are:

Groups other than a chorus that represents a BHS chapter or an officially registered BHS quartet will not be able to enter any contest until they have been added manually via the backend API by a Barberscore Admin. "Non-BHS groups" include the following: VLQs, Mixed Harmony quartets, Mixed Harmony choruses, Youth quartets, Youth choruses, community or school choirs, and female quartets or choruses (regardless of whether or not they are registered with HI or SAI). If you wish to enter a contest session for score and/or evaluation, the process is the same. Simply gather the following information about your group:
  • The "official" group name (it does not have to be unique or "registered" anywhere)
  • Location (City, State/Province) of the group
  • Contact person (that will serve as the group admin for contest entry) full name & email. If they are a BHS member or BHS associate, provide their BHS ID number.
  • Director name (for choruses or choirs). If they are a BHS member or BHS associate, provide their BHS ID number.
  • For quartets - the name of each singer and their voice part. If they are a BHS member or BHS associate, provide their BHS ID number - if not, provide their email address.
...then email your request (with this information) to have your group added to Barberscore to the DRCJ of the district where you plan to compete. (For MAD: Gary Plaag gplaagbhs@gmail.com)

Once the group's information has been added into Barberscore, the group admin can "enter" the contest via Group Manager in Barberscore just the same as any other competitor. Of course, they should be selecting only the applicable awards (if any) for the group, otherwise it would be for score/eval only.

All competitions held in the Mid-Atlantic District are governed by the rules set forth by the
BHS Board of Directors and by the Mid-Atlantic District Board of Directors.
All contestants shall abide by the rules in effect at the time of the contest.

The Rules and Regulations for any contest are " The Official BHS Contest Rules", and "Mid-Atlantic District Regulations".

[ All contestants are well advised to be familiar with Section 3 of the current C&J Handbook. ]

Good Luck, and we'll see you at the convention!

For questions and information about these programs contact:
Gary Plaag
M-AD District VP for Contest & Judging

Youth Policies

We must adhere to the BHS Youth Policy.
Each competitor must submit a Youth Participation Form
if they wish to participate in a BHS activity.

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