2004 District Quartet Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018
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Official Order of Appearance for the
Northern Division Convention (#71)

Crowne Plaza Hotel Cherry Hill NJ
Jun 2-3, 2017
Session 1
Quartet Semi-Finals, Friday Night
Friday 5:27pm
Session 2
Chorus Contest, Saturday Morning
Saturday 9:42am
Session 3
Show of Champions - Saturday Night
Saturday 7:00pm
MT: Up All Night
1 - Tongue In Cheek (Sr)
2 - Madhattan
3 - Loudmouth
4 - 29 Seconds
5 - Union Square (Nov)
6 - Razzmatazz (Sr)
7 - ADHD - A Definite Harmony Disorder
8 - Brothers In Arms
9 - For Stories
10 - The Fource
11 - Songs-for University (Sr)
12 - Riverline
13 - Oasis
14 - Park Slope Four
15 - Napoleon and the Bonapartes (Nov)
    Cellar Dwellers scratched
    Smooth Journey scratched
16 - Age of Flight
17 - Nikos Domain
** 17 Contestants **
1 - Greater Atlantic City, NJ
2 - Manhattan, NY
3 - Allentown Bethlehem, PA
4 - Montclair, NJ
5 - Hunterdon County, NJ
6 - Red Bank Area, NJ
7 - Morris County, NJ
8 - Cherry Hill, NJ
9 - Teaneck, NJ
10 - Hamilton Square, NJ
11 - Somerset Hills, NJ
12 - Westchester County, NY
13 - Bucks County, PA
14 - Caldwell, NJ
MC: Wildcat Harmonizers
** 14 Contestants **
1 - Gimme Four
2 - Throwback
3 - Hunterdon County, NJ
4 - 29 Seconds
5 - Madhattan
6 - Caldwell, NJ
** 6 Contestants **
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Notes for Competitors:

1. Please note that ALL competitors must be in possession of an all-events convention registration in order to be eligible to compete. This applies to each quartet member and each chorus member. We will be checking convention registrations (wristbands), so please Be prepared to show your wristband when you enter the backstage area. Registrations can be purchased on-line.

2. Pre-contest stage time for quartets will be the usual 3 minutes per quartet from 2:00 - 3:30PM on Friday afternoon. These are the times that the sound engineers will be available. After 3:30, the sound system and stage lights will be turned off, but you are welcome to continue to use the stage until 5PM. You are on your own to monitor your time on stage to ensure fairness to other competitors who want to test the stage.

3. If your quartet or chorus is interested in an evaluation session following the respective contest session please confirm that information with the C&J VP when you are contacted. If you do not specifically request to participate in the evaluation process you WILL NOT be included in the evaluation schedule. If you confirm that you want to participate in the post-contest evaluations and you fail to attend the evaluations, you will be charged $20, payable to the MAD Youth Outreach program.

4. THERE WILL BE NO CHORUS STAGE TEST TIME on Saturday morning, prior to the official start of the chorus contest. Choruses desiring to put up risers in their assigned warm-up room should make such arrangements through VP Events, Walter Griffith, so that he can make arrangements with the convention venue.

5. There is no deposit required for chorus evaluations (post-contest coaching sessions); however, if your chorus is NOT planning to attend the chorus evaluations, please let VP C&J Gary Plaag know the week before the contest so that your chorus is not included in the evaluation schedule.

6. Videos and CDs can be purchased via the MAD website. CDs can be picked up following your session at the sound booth; Videos will be posted on the MAD website. 7. Photos will be taken from the stage during the performance. Choruses/Quartets desiring a posed photo at the end should tell the stage manager as you enter the stage to compete.

8. The Barbershop Extravaganza will consist of (at a minimum of the following) the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place quartets: two songs (not to exceed 5 minutes), the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place choruses, and all chorus plateau champions (A, AA, AAA and AAAA). All will be invited to perform one song each (total stage time per group not to exceed 5 minutes). Plateau champions who also earn 1st, 2nd or 3rd place honors may sing 2 songs, for a maximum of 7 minutes. The Events V-P and District President reserve the right to invite other participants, as necessary, at their discretion.

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