2013 District Quartet Champions
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Mid-Atlantic District
Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021
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Chapter Barbershopper of the Year


Selden Smith - The Nittany Knights
Norm Barbee - Commodore Chorus
Braden Lynk - Voices of Gotham
Joe Monahan* - Hunterdon Harmonizers
Andrew Gensey, Jr - Country Gentlemen
Paul Hricik - White Rose Chorus
Bob Sideli - Westchester Chordsmen
Cliff Shoemaker - Fairfax, VA
Justin Ross - Catoctones


Erik Contzius - Westchester Chordsmen
Graham Sanders - The Nittany Knights
Brian Quinn - The North Pennsmen
Parkside Harmony - Parkside Harmony
Chuck Boteler - Catoctones
Jay Bansbach - Sons of the Severn
Tim Prevatt - White Rose Chorus
Richard Townsend - Voices of Gotham
Larry Delss - Chorus of the Chesapeake
Brian Mastrull - The Brothers in Harmony
Ryder Milia - Wyoming Valley Chorus
Bruce Hanson - Chorus of the Atlantic / Matinee Idles
Ian Galvin - Commodore Chorus
George Wilson - The West Branch Chorus
Ken Kuntz - Keystone Capital Chorus
Steve Adams - Lehigh Valley Harmonizers
Don Rider - Country Gentlemen
Ron Baker - Old Dominion Chorus


David Mindel - Country Gentlemen
Ray Murphy - The Brothers in Harmony
Jim Spangler - White Rose Chorus
Bob Rullo - The Mainliners
Phil Merkel - Fairfax, VA
Ed Wadley - Bay Country Chorus
Walter Baepler - The Harbormen
Stephen Banker - Westchester Chordsmen
Ron Keppler - The North Pennsmen
Bryon Garrison - Lehigh Valley Harmonizers
Dale Thomas - The West Branch Chorus
Tyler Rackley - The Virginians
Bruce Minnick - Harmony Heritage Singers
Chuck McKeever - Alexandria Harmonizers
Rafi Hasib - Voices of Gotham
Frank Kirschner - Harmony Express
John Sutton - Sons of the Severn
Jim Morpeth - Wyoming Valley Chorus
Larry Arrington - Virginia Gentlemen
Jeff Whall - Heart of Maryland
Antony Takahashi - Blue Ridge Barbershoppers
John Bittikofer - The Nittany Knights
Parkside Harmony - Parkside Harmony
Dave Sipple - Morris Music Men
William Day - Chorus of the Chesapeake
Armando Orsini - Chorus of the Atlantic / Matinee Idles

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