1986 International Chorus Champions
Mid-Atlantic District
Thursday, Dec 13, 2018
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District Officers
President: Dennis Ritchey
Immediate Past President: Ig Jakovac
Executive Vice President: Bob Eckman
Treasurer: Dave Welter
Secretary: Bud Miller
Board Member at Large: Doug Brown
Board Member at Large: Walt Griffith
Board Member at Large: Steve Skolnick
Board Member at Large: Brian Schreiner
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Society Board Member
Dick Powell
John Santora

Operations Team
Executive Vice President: Bob Eckman
DVP - Northern: Rich Galdi
DVP - Central: Rob France, Jr.
DVP - Southern: Cliff Shoemaker
DVP - Chapter Support & Leadership Training: Rob France, Jr.
DVP - Contest & Judging: Gary Plaag
DVP - Contest & Judging Asst.: John Santora
DVP - Chorus Director Development: Rich Gray, Jr
DVP - Events: Walt Griffith
DVP - Marketing & Public Relations: Brian Schreiner
DVP - Membership: Christian Hunter
DVP - Music & Performance: Glenn Phillips
DVP - Youth In Harmony: Kevin Boehm
DVP - Financial Development: Alan Wile, Jr.
Chief Information Officer: Mike Kelly
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Presidential Appointments
Mid'l Antics Editor: Roxanne Powell
Assistant Secretary - Clearances: Chris Buechler
Coaching Coordinator: Chuck Lower
District Document Editor: Joe Berger
Finance Chairman: Rick Ashby, Jr.
Hall Of Honor Chairman: Steve White
Historian & Archivist: Jim Botelle
Laws, Regs. & Ethics: Joe Berger
Parliamentarian: Fred Stabley
Stage Manager: Jamie Patricia
Photographer: Mike Kelly
Harmony Marketplace Coordinator: Mary Jo Griffith
Assistant Secretary: Tom Roberts
Nominating Chairman: Bill Colosimo
Grants Team Chairman:: Joe Stangl
Hi-Note Editor: Roxanne Powell
Endowment Chairman: Alan Wile, Jr.
Past Presidents Forum: Gary Plaag
District Communications: Mike Kelly
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Past District Presidents from M-AD
2015-2016: Ig Jakovac
2013-2014: Bill Colosimo
2011-2012: Dick Powell
2009-2010: Gary Plaag
2008-2008: Joe Stangl
2007-2007: Bruce Koepcke
2005-2006: Alan Wile, Jr.
2003-2004: Joe Berger
2001-2002: Charlie Davenport
1999-2000: Fred Stabley
1997-1998: Howard Fetterolf
1996-1996: Tom Sterling (deceased 2016)
1994-1995: Art Maynard (deceased 2017)
1992-1993: Mike Miller
1990-1991: Jack Bellis Jr (deceased 2005)
1988-1989: Joe Stangl
1986-1987: Newt Huff (deceased 2002)
1984-1985: Clyde Taber III (deceased 2001)
1982-1983: Roy Ressegue (deceased 1991)
1980-1981: Dale Thomas
1978-1979: Don Vienne (deceased 2003)
1976-1977: Ray Glynn (deceased 1983)
1974-1975: Merritt Auman (deceased 2012)
1972-1973: Les Hesketh, Jr. (deceased 1987)
1972-1972: Bill Park (deceased 1986)
1970-1971: Dee Paris (deceased 2013)
1968-1969: Ernie Matson, Jr. (deceased 1982)
1966-1967: Wilbur Sparks (deceased 2002)
1964-1965: Leon Avakian (deceased 2004)
1962-1963: Buck Dominy (deceased 1993)
1960-1961: Russel Malony (deceased)
1958-1960: Harold Schultz (deceased)
1956-1958: John Neimer (deceased 1965)
1955-1956: Leland Pomeroy (deceased)
1953-1955: John Salin (deceased 1967)
1952-1953: John Millard (deceased)
1950-1952: Charles Vaile (deceased)
1948-1950: Ray Sandiford (deceased 1971)
1945-1948: James Mathews (deceased)
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Past International Presidents from M-AD
1999-2001: Ed Waesche III (deceased 2006)
1986-1988: Bill Park (deceased 1986)
1982-1984: Merritt Auman (deceased 2012)
1980-1982: Les Hesketh, Jr. (deceased 1987)
1974-1976: Leon Avakian (deceased 2004)
1970-1972: Wilbur Sparks (deceased 2002)
1961-1963: John Cullen (deceased 1979)
1956-1958: Rowland Davis (deceased 1968)
1955-1957: Art Merrill (deceased)
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